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V.a. (Japan) - Electr ohm compilation 1
2006, Electr ohm, CD
(12.11.2006, ryby, )

Country of the technological revolutions as is Japan, has many well-known names, that are part of electronic scene and my favorites are label Electr ohm. On their account they have many releases, that are devoted to experimental and ambient electronics, so this compilation is created for the fans, that like the idm style. On cd are released exclusive tracks from interesting projects and also well-known names as: Empusae, Flint gass, Lith, Sunao Inami... The rest of the gang is artists from the Japan that characterize their art as chaos and are typical for their scene. The more chaos, the more joy and that characterizes the gathered artists/. Experimenting with itself, or with the listeners... Sometime the listening
is hardly absorbing and in other case you'll be satisfied that you have absolve it. That experimental part presents projects as: Cut, R-IO, A circle nd triangle, Tam, Lcr and many others... By evaluating I'm staying undecided. From one side fascinating, what can you make and gather and on the other side for my perception quite organized chaos. The best will be to join the test of courage...